June 2021
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Country Updates

[PREMIUM]- Country Updates (27 May-9 June 2021)

CountryShare of population fully vaccinated (two doses) against COVID-19Total vaccine doses administeredNumber of COVID-19 casesSingapore30% (as of 31 May)4.05 million (as of 31 May)62,219Indonesia4.1% (as of 7 June)28.97 million (as of 7 June)1,869,325Malaysia3.5% (as of 7 June)3.64 million (as of 7 June)627,652          Thailand2% (as of 7...

[PREMIUM]: Country updates (13-25 May 2021)

Country Share of population fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (Our World In Data) Total vaccine doses administered (Our World In Data)Number of COVID-19 cases (Worldometer)Singapore 24.62% (as of 17 May)3.41 million (as of 17 May) 61,860Indonesia 3.62% (as of 23 May)24.79 million (as of 23 May)1,781,127       Malaysia 2.99% (as of 23 May) 2.54 million...

[PREMIUM]: Country updates (29 April-12 May 2021)

CountryNumber of COVID-19 cases (Worldometer)Total vaccine doses administered (Our World In Data)Vaccine doses administered per hundred people (Our World In Data)Indonesia1,723,596       21.99 million (as of 9 May)  8.04 (as of 9 May)Malaysia448,4571.77 million (as of 9 May)5.46 (as of 9 May)Myanmar142,974          NANASingapore61,4033 million (as of 10 May)51.28...

[PREMIUM] Country Updates: 15-28 April 2021

CountryNumber of COVID-19 cases (Worldometer)Total vaccine doses administered (Our World In Data)Vaccine doses administered per hundred people (Our World In Data)Indonesia1,651,79418.84 million (as of 26 April) 6.89 (as of 26 April)Malaysia398,4511.31 million (as of 25 April)4.03 (as of 25 April)Myanmar142,740NANASingapore61,0632.21 million (as of 18 April)37.84 (as...

[PREMIUM] Country Updates: 1-14 April 2021

CountryNumber of COVID-19 cases (Worldometer)Total vaccine doses administered (Our World In Data)Vaccine doses administered per hundred people (Our World In Data)Indonesia1,577,526       15.6 million (as of 12 Apr)5.7 (as of 12 Apr)Malaysia363,940          979,794 (as of 11 Apr)3.03 (as of 11 Apr)Myanmar142,596NANASingapore60,6921.67 million (as of 6 Apr)28.5 (as of...

[PREMIUM] Country Updates- 18-31 March 2021

CountryNumber of COVID-19 casesTotal vaccine doses administeredVaccine doses administered per hundred peopleIndonesia1,505,77510.77 million (as of 28 March according to Our World in Data)3.94 (as of 28 March according to Our World in Data)Malaysia344,018580,765 (as of 28 March according to Our World in Data)1.79(as of 28...

[PREMIUM] Country Update: 4-17 March 2021

Myanmar ‘Nothing is moving’: CDM freezes foreign trade, raising fears of shortages (12 March)The military’s takeover on 1 February has brought Myanmar’s international trade to a standstill, with export volumes through Yangon’s ports estimated to be down as much as 90% since the takeover and imports...

[Premium] Country Update: 17 Feb– 3 March 2021

Myanmar At least 18 killed in bloodiest day of Myanmar anti-coup protests (28 Feb) On 28 February, across various locations throughout the country, police and military forces confronted civilian demonstrators with lethal force. Official sources record at least 18 people dead and over 30 wounded. Police started...

[Premium] Country Update: 30 April – 13 May 2020

COVID-19 Country Updates   Country No. of Confirmed Cases (End 12 May) No. of New Cases Since 1 May No. of Deaths Testing Rate Per Million Pop (Est) Singapore 24,671 +7,570 | (17,101) 21 30,016 Indonesia 14,479 +3,928 | (10,551) 1,007 604 Philippines 11,350 +2,578 | (8,772) 751 1,658 Malaysia 6,742 +672 | (6,071) 109 8,395 Thailand 3,017 +57 | (2,960) 56 3,264 Vietnam 288 +17 | (271) - 2,681 Myanmar 180 +29 | (151) 6 217 Brunei 141 +3 | (138) 1 36,658 Cambodia 122 +0 | (122) - 847 Laos 19 +0 | (19) - 532  COVID-19 in Singapore: Some...

[Premium] Country Update: 16 – 29 April 2020

COVID-19 Updates   Country No. of Confirmed Cases (End 29 Apr) No. of New Cases Since 1 Apr No. of Deaths Testing Rate Per Million Pop (Est) Singapore 15,641 +12,389 | (3,252) 14 24,600 Indonesia 9,771 +4,932 | (4,839) 784 318 Philippines 8,212 +2,989 | (5,223) 558 903 Malaysia 5,945 +958 | (4,987) 100 4,953 Thailand 2,947 +334 | (2,613) 54 2,551 Vietnam 270 +4 | (266) 0 2,188 Myanmar 150 +87 | (63) 6 142 Brunei 138 +2 | (136) 1 30,694 Cambodia 122 +13 | (109) 0 712 Laos 19 +0 | (19) 0 263  Singapore: Circuit Breaker Extension and...