September 2018
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3-on-3 with Dr Oh Ei Sun: An Initial Assessment of Malaysia’s New Government

100 days have elapsed since Pakatan Harapan defeated the ruling Barisan National coalition during Malaysia’s 14th General Election. The SIIA hosted an evening talk on Malaysia’s new government, featuring views from Dr. Oh Ei Sun, Senior Advisor for International Affairs, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute...

The Haze Fighters of Sungai Tohor

Titled “The Haze Fighters of Sungai Tohor”, this eco-documentary highlights how Indonesia’s land reform push to redistribute 12.7 million hectares to be managed by local communities can also be a move to empower at-risk communities in their fight against haze. In May 2017,  SIIA visited one...

3-on-3 with Wouter Van Wersch: Asean & the Belt and Road Initiative

Wouter Van Wersch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of GE ASEAN. On the sidelines of SIIA's 10th ASEAN & Asia Forum (AAF) in 2017, he provided insights about the benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to ASEAN, and how ASEAN economies...

#GlobalCitizensSG: How will technology affect our jobs?

Did you miss our #GlobalCitizensSG event on 13 March 2017: Technology and the Future of Jobs? Hear from our speakers and our participants on how technology affects the way we work, what technological advancements they're excited about, and more. Watch this space for the next...

#GlobalCitizensSG: Concerns and bright spots towards globalisation

2016 has been an illustrious year showcasing many vital shifts in the world’s outlook towards globalisation, diversity, integration and much more. We ask some of our young movers and shakers what concerns they have as we progress further into the future....

#GlobalCitizensSG: Is global perspective vital for success?

The world we live in is now closer than ever - how can Singapore keep pace with global trends to remain a beacon of hope for the region? We interviewed a group of passionate young professionals to get their views on whether it is important...

#GlobalCitizensSG: Crossing borders to make the world a better place

It is vital to equip our people and future generations with the intellect and spirit of global citizenship for them to think of the social impacts and changes they will be able to create for the wider international community. How do our future generation hope...