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06 Sep 2016
Fighting fires and haze in Indonesia
The recent return of the haze to the region underlines the fact that agribusinesses should take more responsibility in fighting peatland and forest fires in Indonesia. While some industry leaders have…
Advisory Services
At SIIA Advisory, independent analysts and thought leaders work alongside the public and private sectors to provide context for the conversations impacting Asian nations today and tomorrow.   SIIA Advisory Services has an extensive network of experts in Singapore and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. These networks bring knowledge and provide diverse perspectives that reflect the differences in national interests and outlooks in Asia  
Research Areas
  • Geo- Political and Economic Overviews
  • Global Macro Sector Surveys
  • Regional ASEAN and Southeast Asia
  • Singapore
  • Public Concerns and Private Corporations
Case Studies
Our clients ask us to undertake policy research and outreach in areas in which the SIIA is working and has expertise.  We have experience of advising private and public sector corporations from across all sectors and regions. Below are three examples of our research work:

Energy and Investment in Indonesia:

Singapore’s Myanmar Policy:

Clean City Air:

A multinational firm requested for a specific evaluation of Indonesia as an investment destination for a new facility, looking at the overall political and economic environment and the particular energy policies, projections and implementation issues   SIIA Advisory was asked to produce a special policy report.  The report focused on the relationship between Singapore and Myanmar, which is controversial, complex and evolving.   Many Asian cities have been increasingly troubled by the air pollution problems, and the SIIA aims to address these concerns for Singapore and the region. In 2012, the SIIA launched the Clean City Air Coalition, a group of like-minded corporate partners working to raise greater awareness of important air quality issues.