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Vietnam's long -run development and short- run macroeconomic instability

Vietnam's long -run development and short- run macroeconomic instability
Date/Time: Sep 04, 2008 / 5.00pm

Thanks to reforms and international integration, Vietnam has recorded impressive economic development achievements. Deepening integration and accession to the WTO has brought about both new opportunities and challenges to a country on its way to accelerating reform and development. The recent surge in capital inflows has led to a financial boom in Vietnam as well as risks, especially in the context of macroeconomic policy inconsistencies, weaknesses in the banking sector and financial supervision. 
The macroeconomic policy responses so far (up to February 2008) seem to be less effective in stabilizing the economy and in reducing policy inconsistencies as well as financial risks. The key question for Vietnam, now, is how to sustain economic growth and sound financial development while mitigating possible financial risks.

Dr Vo Tri Thanh will discuss how Vietnam will cope with the economy with the dual challenges of high inflation and depreciating Dong and the risks and opportunities involved when investing in Vietnam.


Vo Tri Thanh graduated with a PhD in Economics from the Australian National University in 1997. 
Dr Vo began his career with the CIEM as a researcher from 1989 to 1991. Between 1997 and 2001, he was the deputy director of the Centre of Applied Economics, head of the Unit for Policy Analysis and Economic Forecast of the CIEM.

In November 2001, Dr Vo became the Head of the Department of Policy Analysis and Development Research of the CIEM. About two years later, in January 2004, he was promoted to be the Director of the Department for International Economic Integration Studies of the CIEM.

Dr Vo was awarded the Helen Huges Prize for the best Master student at NCDS, Australian National University in 1993, the United Nation’s Special Prize for policy impact of National Human Development Report 2001 and 2nd Place Medal for Oustanding Research on Development “Mutual Impact, the Global Economic Architecture, and the Millennium Development Goals” in 2005.

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