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New Year's Party

New Year's Party
Speaker: H.E. Mr. Oh Joon,
Date/Time: Jan 12, 2011 / 5.45pmto7.00pm

Featuring H.E. Mr. Oh Joon, Ambassador of Korea, this Party will discuss their countries' economic forecast and political issues and will be the first event for our core members and supporters in the new year.

The discussion will be moderated by Assoc. Prof. Simon Tay, Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and Mr. Manu Bhaskaran, Partner and Member of the Board, Centennial Group, will comment on the outlook of the global economy.

The New Year Party is an informal closed-door event (open only to corporate members and supporters).

Programme Schedule: 

5.45-6.00pm – Registration and Welcome
6.00-6.10pm - Remarks by H.E. Mr. Oh Joon, Ambassador of Korea and H.E. Mr. T.C.A. Raghavan, High Commissioner of India
Moderated by Assoc. Prof. Simon Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs

6.10-7.00pm – Discussion
7.00 - Cocktail Reception

Event Report: 

What lies ahead for the world in 2011? The global economic recovery appears to be continuing, but there remain doubts about its sustainability. In the West, questions remain about sovereign debt levels and unemployment. In the East, inflation and inflows of “hot money” threaten to destabilize a so-far robust recovery.

In the SIIA’s first event of 2011, the organization’s 50th anniversary year, core members and supporters congregated at the SIIA house to quaff champagne, munch hors d’oeuvres, and discuss the global outlook.

The party opened with featured remarks from HE Mr Oh Joon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Singapore. A career diplomat, Ambassador Oh discussed trends in his native Korea. His insights included a focus on Korea’s impressive cultural pervasiveness in Asia- for example, Korean pop music or “K-Pop”.

Mr Manu Bhaskaran, an economist, then provided his outlook for the global economy in 2011. Mr Bhaskaran, who is a Partner and Member of the Board of Centennial Group, cautioned the audience that many global trends point to a hesitant if not rocky outlook for 2011. Among his insights, Mr Bhaskaran noted that optimism surrounding the American economic recovery may be unwarranted, due to a combination of factors including debt levels, housing prices, and unemployment.

Assoc Prof Simon Tay, Chairman of the SIIA, also added his remarks. Assoc Prof Tay noted that in Asia, nations still face the challenge of strengthening their ties. They must move from truce and co-existence to peace and deeper collaboration. This moreover must be accomplished while Asian economies retool from focusing on production or manufacture to creation, and while Asian governments and societies with social issues such as growing inequality.

After the brief featured remarks, SIIA members resumed mingling and discussing the 2011 outlooks for their own companies and organizations. There was a mix of optimistic and pessimistic notes in the air. One consensus however was certain: with tectonic shifts in geopolitics and the global economy well underway, it will be an exciting and challenging transition period for all.

Event Photographs: 
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_MG_3034 (Small).jpg

Photographs and images used are obtained from publicly-accessible resources. No copyright infringement is intended.

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