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"Asia's Rise and the Earth" - ACS(I) Youth Leader's Summit

Asia's Rise and the Earth
Date/Time: Mar 12, 2010 / 5.00pm
Venue: ACS(I)

About the Youth Summit 2010

The theme for the 4th Youth Leader’s Summit is “Engage. Empower. Enact”. The theme entails not just what the Youth Leaders Summit hopes to achieve, but also what we hope youths will achieve – that is, to engage actively in world issues, empower them with the self-belief that they have what it takes to make a difference and impact in the world, and finally, inspire them to enact, to take action and execute all plans with passion and enthusiasm.

The Summit will be a multi-lateral platform for participants to gain increased knowledge of pressing world issues and develop a proactive approach in solving them. They will be given opportunities to work with youths all around the globe, thereby allowing for a broader and deeper perspective. Together, they will create various practical solutions to such world issues and through a competition, the summit will allow participants to take the first step in implementing effective action plans, thereby literally beginning on the journey of helping to change the world.


About the Environment Sector Discussions

Environment is the area that we live, work and play in. The environment is an integral part of our lives, yet people destroy the environment, by exploiting the gift of nature. Coupled with unequal distribution of resources, this not only threaten the existence by too affects the lifestyle of our fellow men. Under the environment sector, You will investigate and solve the problems that the environment faces, or we as people face in our interaction with the environment.

Issues to be discussed:

  1. Conservation of biodiversity
  2. Access to potable water and sanitation facilities
  3. Loss of environmental resources and attempts to revive it
  4. Study of energy resources
  5. Environmental pollution
Event Report: 

Recaplet: Assoc. Prof. Simon Tay, Chairman of the SIIA, was the keynote speaker for the ACS(I) Youth Leaders Summit 2010, Environment Sector.
Ms. Lim May-Ann, Acting Manager for Policy Research, SIIA, was on the panel discussion with other Singaporean NGOs and environment-related companies, such as Carbon International, Carbon Offset Global and Hemispheres Foundation.

Event Photographs: 

Photographs and images used are obtained from publicly-accessible resources. No copyright infringement is intended.

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