50th Anniversary

As the SIIA celebrates its 50th anniversary, it aims to develop thinking and the sharing of perspectives about changes that will be key to considering Singapore’s potential roles and challenges in the next 50 years, in the context of Asia and the world.

In March 2012, the SIIA hosted a roundtable with Helen Clark, United Nations Development Programme Administrator, which brought young activists, social entrepreneurs and academics together to talk about current issues affecting Singaporeans. As part of its new move to the Atrium, the SIIA hopes to continue to grow its strong links and partnerships with civil society organisations in Singapore.

Brexit: Implications and repercussions
24 JUN 2016

Britain has spoken. Now what? SIIA Senior Fellow Yeo Lay Hwee takes a look at what the British decision to leave the EU really means. 

ASEAN must speak with one voice
29 JUN 2016

SIIA Chairman Simon Tay looks at the ASEAN-China meeting where an ASEAN statement touching on the South China Sea was issued then retracted.

In turning to SEA, Taiwan has to keep China in mind
2 JUN 2016

In TODAY and the Japan Times, SIIA Chairman Simon Tay and Deputy Director Cheryl Tan examine Tsai's goal to restart engagement with South-east Asia

Fighting terrorism not responsibility of govt. alone
7 JUN 2016

The arrest of eight Bangladeshis may show gaps in Singapore’s anti-terror strategy, says SIIA Executive Director Nicholas Fang in TODAY.


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