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Global Leadership Consortium: A Global Lens on the US Presidency

Updated On: Nov 18, 2008

In July, EWI convened the first meeting of the Global Leadership Consortium (GLC). The GLC is a network of the world’s leading "think-and-do" tanks, from Beijing to Dubai, collaborating to create effective new approaches to some of the world’s global security challenges. Its goal is to convene a learning and action network of solutions-oriented leaders and their institutions to address the new reality that in a rapidly globalizing world, no single nation — and no single think-tank — can be an effective global problem-solver as single actors. They are inevitably constrained by their geographic, cultural, and institutional identities. The difference between a single institute undertaking this effort and a network of well-established and highly respected partners doing so, may ultimately make the difference between success and failure.

Global Lens, an exchange of views on critical global security events/issues on a quarterly basis, is one of the collective endeavors of the GLC. Because the whole world has been watching the US elections, our Global Lens editors, Fyodor Lukyanov and Kumar Ketkar, decided to ask our members what they thought.

[Download entire report here]

Lim May-Ann

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