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30 Sep 2016

3-on-3 with Frank Lavin: US Election and continuity in foreign policy

The United States will soon select its next leader. But how do Asians perceive the Presidential race, and what can we expect from US policy in the coming years? Last month, the SIIA hosted an evening talk on the US election. We spoke with one of our panellists, Mr. Frank Lavin, Chairman and CEO, Export Now and former US Ambassador to Singapore in a brief interview. We previously interviewed Mr. Lavin in December last year, earlier in the election campaign.

The SIIA's 3-on-3 is a series of short interviews, asking three questions in approximately three minutes. Video of the inter...

29 Sep 2016

3-on-3 with Steven Rosefielde: Russia and Asia

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19 Aug 2016

The New US Leadership: Implications for Asia

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24 Jun 2016

Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

“Where does the word connectography come from? It is the intersection of connect...

10 Jun 2016

3-on-3 with Steve Okun: TPP will keep America engaged in Asia

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has proven to be a flashpoint in the US Pres...

09 Jun 2016

3-on-3 with Denis Hew: TPP will have an positive impact on Asia

The United States and China both have initiatives to expand their economic reach...