U.S and South Korea draw closer as the North Korean nuclear threat looms larger

Updated On: Jun 23, 2009

In light of the ever growing nuclear threat which North Korea poses, its neighbour, South Korea has sought American cooperation and protection. Earlier this month, the South Korean President, Lee Myung-Bak met with President Obama in Washington d.c. This meeting follows closely on the heels of a North Korean declaration citing their commitment to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the continuation of the use of enriched uranium and plutonium. This is not the first time that South Korea has sought to reaffirm their alliance with the United States. In 2006, after North Korea’s infamous first foray into nuclear power, the reigning Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld was quick to guarantee American support in the from of a nuclear umbrella. Under these increasingly tense times, the South Koreans now want this promise of being protected under an American nuclear umbrella to be declared in writing. President Lee is confident that the show of a strengthening alliance between the United States and South Korea will be enough to deter the North Koreans from a potential attack against their neighbour. In seeking this alliance, President Lee denounced the North Korean nuclear agenda and their blatant flouting of international law. In other new of a blossoming partnership between the two nations, the South Korean and American President reaffirmed their commitment to a free trade deal between them.

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