The Philippines experiences waves of violence

Updated On: Jun 22, 2009

 Acts of aggression have continued unabatedly in The Philippines over the past week. Amidst the ongoing tension between the religiously motivated separatists and the Filipino government, the Sarangani province was the victim of a grenade assault by two still unidentified men. It is suspected that the aggressors are members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) who have previously attacked this mainly Christian province. The attacks came in the form of two explosions which killed one and left 32 others injured. These assaults have been condemned as acts of terror as the Filipino government unites in a determined effort to quell the violence. In line with this campaign, it was announced that Tolni Salik, a field commander for the MILF was killed amidst fighting which broke out between the MILF and the Filipino military. This has been hailed as a significant victory and flushes the prospect of peace with new hope.


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