The Philippines to move toward more transparent elections

Updated On: Jun 17, 2009

Announced this week is a move toward automated voting in an effort to ensure fair and free elections which cannot be disputed. It has been previously criticised that the Filipino manual voting process where voters write the names of their chosen candidate on paper, was open to cheating. In the future, the votes will be tallied and delivered electronically. This will also ensure that the results of the elections will be known promptly instead of taking days or weeks. In this way, the Filipino government will not have to deal with situations in which the sitting president faces accusations that he won the elections illegally or due to human error.

The automated voting system is to be used for the first time in the next election in 2010. There has been however, some cautious response to the new system. Senate Juan Ponce Ernrile noted the dangers of the reliance on technology. He warned of the possibility of an outbreak of chaos lest the machines break down and the country is left without a leader.

Despite such fears however, The Philippines plans to launch their automated polling machinery in 2010 as part of an ongoing commitment to election reform. It is widely hoped that the new technology will ring in an era of transparency, efficiency, safety and fairness.

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