Philippines and the H1N1

Updated On: Jun 01, 2009

Philippine health authorities affirmed two more cases (a 51-year-old female and a 21-year-old male) of Influenza A/H1N1 on Saturday 30 May 2009.

The two were said to be frequent travelers to the US.

The total number of H1N1 patients is now 16 in the archipelago.

In the Philippines, three patients have fully recovered and been discharged while the authorities are keeping watch on 240 cases, including the 16 confirmed.

205 others are negative for A/H1N1 and have been discharged.

The health authorities saw no reason to suspend the opening of school classes on the reasoning that there is no sustained community level transmission of H1N1 anywhere in the country.

23 million students were cleared to head back to schools. 21 million elementary and secondary school student and 2.6 million others at the tertiary level

The health agency has also issued a set of guidelines on A/H1N1 response in schools.

Suspension of classes within a school can be announced by the school administrators concerned if there is already one or more confirmed case of A/H1N1.

If there is evidence of community transmission, school closure of one or more schools in the affected area can be effected.

Schools would also isolate and send home students showing symptoms of H1N1 and they have to be cleaned and sanitised before they are allowed to reopen.


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