Indonesia: NGOs sue Government over 40 million names left out of voter lists

Updated On: Apr 27, 2009

Several NGOs on Thursday filed for a citizen lawsuit to the Central Jakarta District Court, demanding the General Election Commission (KPU) and government be held responsible for millions of citizens who lost their rights to vote during legislative election on April 9.

The NGOs that have filed for the lawsuit are the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI), the Legal Aid Foundation of the Indonesian Women's Association for Justice (LBH APIK), the General Election Independent Observers Committee (KIPP) and the Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI).

YLBHI chairman Patra M. Zen told said the KPU and the government had violated article 299 of the General Elections Law by insisting on carrying out the general election despite lingering problems that could jeopardize the outcome of the voting.

The problems include KPU’s failure to list some 40 million people as eligible voters.

“Both the KPU and the government pressed on with the elections despite many disputes on the voters lists, which led to millions of people losing their right to vote,” he said.

He said that the petitioners had to file a legal lawsuit after failing to ask KPU and the government to carry out another round of elections to accommodate voters who were not listed in the initial voters list.

“On April 14, we gave a notification to the KPU and the government to conduct delayed elections within one week. But up to April 21, they did not do it,” he said.

In its lawsuit, he added, the petitioners were also asking for the KPU and the government to suspend conducting presidential election prior to the delayed elections.

“We have demanded the KPU and the government to apologize, over the matter, to the public,” he said. (ewd)

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