Japan’s green technologies

Updated On: Apr 27, 2009

Japan is offering technologies to Asia for reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to other Asian countries.

Its intention is to secure their cooperation in international efforts to manage global warming under a new framework beyond 2013.

The amount of emissions that is cut down this way would go towards Japan’s own reduction quota.

Japan intends to start research projects in Indonesia to start providing such technologies in 2010.

It will feature a food factory and waste treatment plant in Indonesia.

Factories in Sumatra and Borneo will also get equipment that can recycle and clean waste water, reduce odour and discharge of methane.

Methane gas release is one of the contributing factors to the greenhouse effect.


The Nikkei Weekly, “Japan offering green tech to Asia” dated 13 April 2009 in the Nikkei Weekly (Japan: Nikkei Weekly), 2009, p. 14.

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