Hong Kong Science Parks going Green with East Asia

Updated On: Apr 21, 2009

Hong Kong is all set to attract green businesses through its Science and Technology Parks in Sha Tin.

It was to develop overseas environmental technologies for application in East Asia.

This is part of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation’s strategy to develop green technologies as its fifth cluster.

Hong Kong wants to be the integrator of technologies for applications in Asia and to use them locally.

The strategy is to ride on the growing concern globally over climate change and energy efficient buildings and infrastructure.

One of the buildings in the park is designated as a showcase for energy-efficient building technologies.

A separate education center would also be set up.

Hong Kong hopes to collaborate with the rest of Asia and the West to implement this plan.

Currently, more than 200 companies are based at the Sha Tin Park, employing almost 6000 people.

When the third phase is completed, it is hoped that 12 000 people can be employed.


Cheung, Chi-fai, “Science parks’ chief sets out plan to attract green businesses” dated 14 April 2009 in the South China Morning Post (HK: South China Morning Post), p. A4.

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