Myanmar - Cyclone Nargis

Updated On: Apr 06, 2009
The Tripartite Core Group, comprising the Government of the Union of Myanmar, ASEAN and UN, appealed to the international community to continue supporting recovery efforts. 
The three-year Post-Nargis Recovery and Preparedness Plan (PONREPP) estimated the cost of recovery will be US$ 691 million.
Urgent needs include the shelter and agriculture sectors needed to cover pre-monsoon priority needs, while the planned PONREPP funding and recovery activities await financing for medium-term assistance in these areas.
In addition, almost 800,000 houses were destroyed or damaged by the cyclone and more than a hundred thousand families remain in vulnerable shelter which provides only minimal protection from severe weather conditions. 
December 2008's monsoon harvest – which accounts for a large part of the country's annual production – yielded less per hectare because of Nargis, which left many paddy fields badly salinated.
There is also a need to restock small animals, poultry and draught animals, essential to landless households who cannot depend on cultivation. 
Other long-term needs include improving access to education particularly for girls, as well as improving the quality of health facilities and food security.
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