Indonesia, Singapore sign maritime border

Updated On: Mar 16, 2009

The Indonesian and Singaporean governments have signed an agreement on the western segment of their common marine border.

The agreement, which ends five years and eight rounds of negotiations, defined a 12.1 kilometer-stretch along the western segment of the two countries’ joint maritime border.
"This agreement is about our marine border in the western part near Tuas- Nipa Island," Minister Wirajuda said, adding that the agreement was the first on marine borders signed by the two nations since 1973.

The documents containing the agreement were signed by Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Hassan Wirajuda and his Singaporean counterpart George Yeo, at the foreign affairs ministry here.

The establishment of the line will help law-enforcement authorities and safety-navigation officials to carry out their duties in the Singapore Strait with greater certainty, because the bilateral legal agreement has definitively cleared up any uncertainties about the maritime border, Minister Wirajuda said.

Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo said the legal certainty provided by the treaty would boost anti-piracy efforts in the Malacca Strait, where recent joint patrols by the two nations have been credited with causing a drop in the number of attacks.

Negotiations on the eastern segment of the border would be conducted after Indonesia had held the April legislative elections and the presidential elections in July. The two countries still need to hold discussions on the eastern segments 1 and 2 of their common marine border, located in Batam-Chani, and around Bintan-South Ledge/Middle Rock/Pedra Branca, the latter being dependent on the results of negotiation between Singapore and Malaysia following the International Court of Justice’s decision.
More than 30% of world trade and half the world's oil shipments pass through the Malacca Strait, which is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


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