Use of Coal in Indonesia

Updated On: Mar 02, 2009

40 Greenpeace activists and local Indonesian community representatives, wearing white masks carrying the message 'Coal Kills' to warm against the health damage to local communities caused by the use of coal.

In this protest, Greenpeace is also allied with KAM Cilacap, JATAM, Walhi and Sekolah Demokrasi Ekonomi, forming an Anti-Coal Coalition.

They chained themselves to the gates of the Cilacap coal plant, operated by private Indonesian energy utility company PT Segara Sumber Prima, to block the transport of coal on Central Java's south coast.

This was a symbolic protest against the Indonesian Minister of Energy's decision to build 35 coal plants from 2009 to 2011

The Cilacap plant is due to double in generating capacity from 600 to 1200 MW, as part of a national energy plan to add an extra 10,000 MW of coal generated electricity to meet Indonesia's future energy needs.

As an alternative, Greenpeace is lobbying Indonesia to use clean renewable energy.

According to Greenpace, while admitting that Indonesia may have the region's most abundant coal resources, the country also has huge untapped reserves of geo-thermal, wind and solar energy.

It is precisely the dependence on coal which has stunted development in other types of fuels, according to Greenpeace.

In their report 'True Cost of Coal', Greenpeace lays out the costs to local communities and the global climate of continued dependence on coal.

Fallout from coal use, according to Greenpeace, include respiratory diseases, mining accidents, acid rain, smog pollution, reduced agricultural yields and climate change, loss of livelihood due to local pollution impacts on agriculture and fisheries, and social impacts, such as community displacement and loss of cultural heritage.


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