Exodus from Gaza

Updated On: Jan 28, 2009

Despite the ceasefire in Gaza, six families of Filipinos with Palestinian spouses with 37 individuals in total are leaving the war zone from Southern Gaza to Egypt. Israel gave the families exit permits for the Palestinians as Egypt opened its border for departing Gaza residents. Meanwhile, the Filipino Ambassador to Israel Petronila Garcia was arranging another evacuation for Filipinos in northern Gaza.

The debate however, rolls on in Jakarta as Indonesian observers wonder if the ceasefire means a real end to the current conflict? Some Indonesians are upset about the killing innocent civilians, the blockade of the borders of the Gaza and Western inaction.

They noted that the two countries in conflict are fighting a war in the midst of a severe economic crisis.

Officially, Indonesia’s government has expressed disappointment at the unbinding UN Security Council Resolution on Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and the country decided not to join the other UN member states in reaching a consensus at the meeting.

Indonesia does not consider the Resolution 1860 strong enough in terms of language despite being one of a number of countries that had called for the meeting.

The explanation that the government gave to the world body was that they were unble to explain to the Indonesian people the outcome of the resolution and has asked the UN to immediately conduct an investigation into the human rights violations.

Indonesia said that by abstaining, Indonesia wanted to show its solidarity with the Palestinian victims. On Saturday 24 Jan 2009, President Susilo Bambang Yudhyoyono himself expressed disappointment over the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) response to the crisis.

He reaffirmed Indonesia`s commitment to helping the Palestinians through medical supplies, food, and US$1 million in cash.

If necessary, Indonesia was ready to join a peacekeeping force in the region.Indonesian military chief Gen Djoko Santoso noted that the Indonesian peace keeping force was doing well in Lebanon.


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