Malaysian Measures Against US Support for Israel in Gaza

Updated On: Jan 12, 2009

Malaysians have protested the USA for supporting Israeli action in the Gaza. At least 5,000 people protested outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur, burning Israeli flags and carrying placards denouncing both the US and Israel.

Muslim groups on Friday urged Malaysians to boycott American goods such as Coca-Cola over the Gaza offensive, and former Premier Mahathir Mohamad said people working for Starbucks or McDonald’s should quit.

Around 300 people held a protest outside the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur after Friday prayers to condemn the US over its support for Israel and to urge Arab countries to cut off oil supplies to the United States.

The boycott is spearheaded by the Malaysian IslamicConsumers Association and the Muslim Restaurant Operators Association, which has removed Coca-Cola from the menu at thousands of eateries.

Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was also reported by the New Straits Times as saying that the ministry will mobilise nearly all of the 5 million school children and 360,765 teachers from more than 10,000 schools to protest the Gaza offensive.

Source: TODAY, Calls for US Boycott in M’sia, http://www.todayonline.com/articles/296425.asp

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