Thai Muslims protest at Israel embassy

Updated On: Jan 07, 2009

Hundreds of Thai Muslims demonstrated in Bangkok on Monday 5 Jan 2009 in front of Israel's embassy. They were waving banners, burning the Israeli flag and slingshotting balls of protest statements at the premijses in reaction to Tel Aviv's invasion of Gaza.

About 400 members of the Muslim Group for Peace rallied in front of the embassy, waving banners reading "Destroy Israel," "Stop the Bloodshed," "Free Gaza" and "Where is the UN?"
Although a predominately Buddhist country, the Thai Foreign Ministry called on Israel to stop the military operations and try to solve the problem through negotiations to prevent further loss of civilian lives and damage to property.

Currently, there are 25,000 Thai workers in Israel, 3,000 of them in Eshkol near the Gaza Strip. All of them were reported safe yesterday but the Thai embassy and the Thai labour office in Israel have prepared evacuation plans.

Source: Bangkok Post 6 Jan 2009, “Flag burning Muslims Protest at Israel Embassy”, http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/135723/flag-burning-muslims-protes...

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