Malaysia: UMNO Changes Agreed, Najib Set to Replace Abdullah

Updated On: Oct 12, 2008

Days after Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi agreed to step down from UMNO’s presidency in Mar 2009, his deputy, Najib Razak taken his first step to that office.

The presidency of UMNO, as the leading party in the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, also signifies an expected change in prime minister.The move by Najib, currently Deputy Prime Minister, came with nominations from the Kimanis Umno division in Sabah and Machang division in Kelantan.

The move has come speedily after changes to an earlier agreement that PM Abdullah would stay 2010. The up coming transition comes after growing pressure on PM Abdullah in the face of poor results in the general election, and a mounting challenge by the opposition, led by former DPM Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib is currently facing a string of rumours that link him to the controversial murder trial concerning a Mongolian model, and for which his associate and former think tank head, Razak Baginda, is being prosecuted.

Current trade minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been nominated for deputy president. Muhyiddin had been the first cabinet member to question the earlier agreement for Abdullah to remain longer.


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