Thailand: PAD Leaders Win Appeal

Updated On: Oct 10, 2008
The Thai Appeals Court on Thursday 9 Oct dropped insurrection charges against all PAD leaders, and core leaders Chamlong Srimuang and Chaiwat Sinsuwong won bail to return to the protest stage at the People's Alliance for Democracy. 
The Appeals Court maintained two of the original five charges against the nine PAD leaders, but dismissed the controversial treason charge.
Sondhi Limthongkul and fellow PAD leaders said they would now surrender to the court. They had refused to report to authorities after the government filed charges last month. 
The two remaining charges against the nine men are inciting public disturbance and illegal
Both refer to the PAD street protest which blocked traffic and access to public areas including schools. The maximum penalty on the two laws are seven and three years in prison, respectively.
Source: The Bangkok Post 10 Oct 2008, Back on Stage, http://www.bangkokpost.com/topstories/topstories.php?id=131292

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