Philippines and the China milk problems

Updated On: Sep 29, 2008

The Head of the Filipino Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), Director Leticia Gutierrez, has announced that it would release the results of the Philippines’ evaluations and tests on milk and dairy products from the People’s Republic of China.

The agency warned that the list of products checked might grow longer and testing may be extended to products not associated with the current milk scare. Noodles may be another item that is up for scrutiny. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III clarified that the banned products were only those with labels stating that they were manufactured in China.

The melamine in milk products scare have seen four children died in China and more than 55,000 fallen ill after consuming the tainted milk. However four brands of milk were cleared because it is affirmed that they were really manufactured in New Zealand: Anchor Lite Milk, Anlene Milk Low Fat, Anmum Materna and Anmum Materna Chocolate.

Other 52 brands had been removed from supermarkets while waiting for the results of the tests. The ban on milk powder has already affected some retail businesses and thus the DoH and BFAD are trying to accelerate and speed up the process to prevent further retail losses but cautioned that the process should not be hurried at the expense of quality.  

No kids in the Philippines had been afflicted with kidney stones from melamine poisoning at the moment. Meanwhile the associations of each subsector in the food and beverage industry like PhilBaking which represents bread products in supermarkets have come out to clarify that its members did not use flour and milk from China.


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