Thailand: Turmoil continues with Foreign Minister's resignation

Updated On: Sep 04, 2008

In yet another blow to Thai politics, the Thai Foreign Minister, Tej Bunnag, resigned from office on Wednesday (3 Sept 08). His resignation is believed to be attributed to disillusionment with the failure of the government, and his difficulty in explaining the political situation to foreigners.

As the country continues to grow in civil unrest and anti-government protests, there are also rumours that Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has sought an audience with the Thai King to tell him of his intention to resign today. This rumour was dismissed by the PM today, who said "Don't even think I am going to quit," he said. "The country needs a leader, and the world is watching us." 

He also rejected calls to dissolve parliament, which would lead automatically to a new election. 



Today, 4 Sep 2008, Thailand in Turmoil: Did PM Samak meet the King?

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