Thailand: PAD-Samak Confrontation Brewing

Updated On: Aug 27, 2008

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej warned the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) on 26 Aug that his government's tolerance for their protests is drying up.

Samak did not specify what steps the government will take but assigned Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Pol Gen Kowit Wattana to handle the security situations and to oversees the overall police operation.

But at the end of 26 Aug, Thai newspapers reported that the police issued a warning for the PAD to disperse by 6pm from Government House where they had entered earlier in the day, disrupting a scheduled cabinet meeting.

Samak acccused the PAD of crossing the lines with its mass protest in Bangkok Tuesday that included the seizing of state-run National Broadcasting Television (NBT) studio and some ministries, as well as government house.

He warned protesters to go home and go back to their families if they did not want to face legal action. He thanked Bangkokians for not joining the protest. For people from up country who joined the protest, the prime minister said they were lured to join and should go back home.

He also said he will take legal action against PAD's leaders who impolitely criticised him on the stages. He said all were recorded and they will surely be faced legal action.

Source: The Nation, August 26, 2008, Samak issues ultimatum to PAD

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