Malaysia: Women's wing of UMNO calls for jihad against Anwar

Updated On: Aug 13, 2008

The women's wing of Malaysia's UMNO has declared a jihad, or holy war against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Although its deputy chief, Sharizat Abdul Jalil, did not mention Anwar by name, she said that the UMNO women's wing would do all in its power to prevent "this individual" from becoming prime minister, as this would be against the interests of Malaysians, and would be bad for the country's stability.

In a watershed moment in Malaysian history, Shahrizat lost her seat in parliament to Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah in the March elections, which saw great gains made by the opposition against the ruling coalition.

AFP 12 Aug 08 Malaysian ruling party women declare 'jihad' against Anwar
Straits Times, 13 Aug 08, Call for jihad to stop Anwar

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