Haze Update: August 2008

Updated On: Aug 12, 2008

Update on Fires and Haze (6 August-11 August)

Forest fires have taken place in some provinces in Indonesia in the last few days in August. About 58 hectares of forest areas in Gunung   Ciremai, West Java were burnt. Fires also took place in Madiun and   Mojokerto, East Java. Haze in Riau Province is predicted to spread to   Malaysia and Singapore. More hotspots appeared in Central Kalimantan   and West Kalimantan. These hotspots mostly came from land burning activities for agriculture. Land and forest fires have also started in the beginning of August in South Sumatra. About 11,000 hectares buffering forest next to Bukit Tigapuluh National Park have been converted to oil palm plantation. If it remains uncontrolled, these illegal activities might jeopardize the national park. Bukit Tigapuluh National Park is conservation forest as wide as 100,000 hectares, situated in Riau and Jambi Province.

Gunung Ciremai Forest Burnt (Kompas, 6 August 2008)
Hotspots Begin to Appear (Kompas, 7 August 2008)

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