US Nuclear Sub Leaks in Singapore and Malaysia

Updated On: Aug 11, 2008

The USS Houston, a nuclear-powered submarine has been leaking for two years, both in its home port in Guam and Pearl harbour and during trips to ASEAN, including to Singapore and Malaysia. 

On 7 Aug, the Singapore Ministry of Defence (Mindef) was informed by the United States Navy. The USS Houston visited Singapore’s Changi Naval base from Sep 22 to 26 in 2006.

In a media statement, Mindef said an environment monitoring system has been in place at the naval base since 2003, and the radioactivity readings during the submarine’s stay had registered “within the safety limits”.

The US Navy has been notifying various countries where the submarine has docked about the radiation leak that began in June two years ago.

Last week, it had notified Japan that small amounts may have leaked during three visits this March and April to the southern Japanese ports of Sasebo and Okinawa. Additionally reports say the vessel also visited Malaysia’s Port Klang.

However, the US Navy says that the amount has caused no threat to humans or the environment.

Source: TODAY, Radiation-Leaking US Nuclear Sub Had Called on Singapore, 8 Aug, http://www.todayonline.com/articles/269529.asp

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