Cambodia: Hun Sen Victory Clear or Questioned?

Updated On: Jul 31, 2008

Prime Minister Hun Sen's Cambodian People's Party (CPP) claimed 90 of 123 seats after parliamentary elections on 27 July.The result ushers Hun Sen, who has ruled for 23 years, to a new 5-year term and give his party a near domination of the lower house.
Official results from the election are expected later this week. But few dispute the tally issued by the CPP, which appears to have cemented a two-thirds majority in the lower house and increased its presence from the 73 seats it held.
The opposition Sam Rainsy Party won 26 seats — a two-seat gain from the 2003 polls. But the once powerful Royalist party, Funcinpec, has clearly faded, with many of its party officials having defected to the CPP earlier in the year.
Sunday's voting was the fourth parliamentary election since the United Nations brokered a peace deal for the country in 1991.
The clear win for Hun Sen and the CCP is attributed to the rapid economic growth the government has delivered in recent years. Independent Cambodian election monitoring groups back the ruling party's tally of 90 for the ruling CPP.
But four opposition parties have joined in rejecting the results, saying that the CPP manipulated and rigged the result. Human rights groups also said the results are dangerous for democracy..
The EU election monitoring team, say the elections fell short of international standards because of biases in favor of the ruling party.
About 300 supporters of Cambodia's main opposition party rallied in Phnom Penh on Wednesday 30 July to protest the results.
Dozens of police were deployed along the streets near Sam Rainsy Party headquarters to prevent a public demonstration.
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