Thailand: Cabinet Reshuffle Coming

Updated On: Jul 18, 2008

Thai PM Samak Sundaravej promised he will appoint a beautiful new cabinet soon, but not before the courts finish pending election cases on whether to disqualify some of his current team.

The cabinet has already lost three members. A pending case about a lottery scandal may affect another three ministers _ Finance Minister Surapong Suebwonglee, Labour Minister Uraiwan Thienthong and Deputy Transport Minister Anurak Jureemart. The court will rule on July 28.

Mr Samak, who referred last February to his "ugly duckling cabinet" when it took office, said in his regular Sunday morning talk to the country that a new cabinet will take office "soon". But Mr Samak admitted that capable people are reluctant to join cabinet out of concern they may not be able to work their full tenure.

Source: Bangkok Post 14 July, Cabinet Reshuffle Coming – Later, http://www.bangkokpost.com/topstories/topstories.php?id=128848

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