Indonesia: Nuclear Issues

Updated On: Jul 15, 2008

Indonesia's national nuclear energy agency (BATAN) who advocates the idea of having nuclear power plants in the country is disappointed over government's indecisiveness on the issue. This came up during a seminar at Indonesian national agency for technological research and application (BPPT) in beginning of July. BATAN believes that amidst the global oil price hike, nuclear energy can be a reliable source of energy that is safe and economic.

Nuclear issue has been politicized and approaching the presidential and parliamentary election next year, the government (in this case the president) seems to prolong the decision to build nuclear power plants to avoid unpopularity.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources supports the idea of having nuclear power plants for the reason that Indonesia is currently facing an energy crisis and it is predicted that the situation will get worse if there is no political will to develop renewable energy.

The House of Representative (DPR) also endorsed the nuclear project and criticized the government for only paying attention on popular issues.

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