Hazewatch July 08

Updated On: Jul 15, 2008

Ministry Forestry is starting to move to minimize hotspots. The ministry has spread the information to the villagers living next to hotspots to be aware of the upcoming dry season. It has increased the frequency and intensity of patrol to monitor land and forest fires.

The ministry expects to reduce the number of hotspots to 80% of those found in 2006. The hotspots were reduced to 60% of those in 2006.

In the first week of July, about 100 hectares of forest and land in Murojambi, Jambi Province were burned. Fires also detected by National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite in West Kalimantan. In this year's dry season, South Sumatra is forced to pass through water crisis and emerging hotspots.

However, the number of hotspots has been reduced in areas prone to fires. According to Antara, based on satellite monitoring from 1 to 8 July 2008, the highest number of hotspots was found in South Sumatra Province (98 hotspots), followed by Jambi and Riau (81 hotspots), West Sumatra (43 hotspots) and West Kalimantan (25).

Hundreds hectares of forest burned (Koran Tempo, 9 July 2008) Land fires began to start (Media Indonesia, 9 July 2008) 40 hotspots in South Sumatra (Jurnal Nasional, 9 July 2008) Dry season comes, hotspots emerge (Kompas, 14 July 2008) Ministry of Forestry acts to overcome hotspots (Kompas, 14 July 2008)

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