Pedra Branca: Malaysia Raises State Flag on Middle Rocks

Updated On: Jun 17, 2008

Malaysia Today, 16 June 2008

Malaysia raises state flag on middle rocks

After the International Court of Justice has ruled that Pedra Branca belongs to SIngapore and the smaller, Middle Rocks to Malaysia, Malaysia has taken a steps to assert its sovereignty.

First, it was reported that Malaysia plans to reclaim land between the rocks to enlarge its land area. Now it is reported that its national flag will be raised together with five markers and a monument.

Reports quoted National Security Council secretary Muhammad Hatta Abdul Aziz said this was done by a team from the Mapping and Survey Department between June 4 and last Thursday.

'Mapping will be done by the department soon,' he said after the flag-raising ceremony on Saturday. 'After that, we might build more structures on it so that there will be no more dispute.'

He said the government would also start identifying and mapping all unnamed islands nationwide soon.

A Joint Committee between the two governments is currently meeting to follow up on the judgement, including issues such as navigation, fishing rights for local fishermen, and the delimitation of territorial sea, including the ownership of the South Ledge.