A big dose of corporate social responsibility

Updated On: May 18, 2007

Temasek Holdings, the holding company of many of Singapore’s state-owned enterprises announced that they would be setting up a trust to institutionalise its ‘corporate citizen’ role in Asia.  

This was widely seen as a response to the adverse publicity and negative image generated during the recent case involving the sale of Shin Corp in Thailand. However, Temasek was quick to deny that the establishment of its Trust was related to the recent controversies particularly in relation to its purchase of Shin Corp inThailand. Instead, the Trust is said to have been in the pipelines since 2003. Nonetheless, Temasek is unlikely to shake off the perception that the establishment of the Trust is in part to ameliorate its image in the region as its regional investment increases. 

The S$500 million trust will support four non-profit organisations, including a new Temasek Foundation which will invest in education, healthcare promote better governance and support disaster relief. The other three organisations are Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (Step) which facilitates regional youth exchanges and outreach; Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) for research scholarships and Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL) for life science research.

Temasek’s Chairman, S Dhanabalan explained, “We have decided to institutionalise our corporate citizen role by establishing the Temasek Trust. This signals our larger commitment to play a constructive role in the continued progress and success of Asia and people in Asia.” Temasek has committed itself to disbursing up to 4 percent of its endowment funds annually.

The news has been widely reported in the other regional media, though most have relied on reporting from international newswires. Interestingly, the Bangkok Post did not include suggestion that the establishment of the Trust was related to Temasek’s purchase of Shin Corp.  (17 May 2007)


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