Towards a People-Centred ASEAN

Updated On: Jan 17, 2007

16 Jan 07 - THE 5th ASEAN People's Assembly (APA) organized by ASEAN-ISIS was held in Manila on 8-9 December 2006. Discussions centred on various humansecurity issues and the Role of the People in Building an ASEAN Community of Caring and Sharing Societies.  SIIA was involved in co-organising two of the panels on "Peace and Social Conflict" and on "Environment and Energy Security".

IN what was a major recognition of the efforts of ASEAN-ISIS to be the bridge between Track 3, comprising civil society activists and NGOs and the official Track I, the Chair of ASEAN, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, extended an invitation to the Chair and Coordinator of the ASEAN People's Assembly to make a 10-minute presentation and report to the ASEAN leaders on the results of APA. This is perhaps also a recognition that effective consultations with various sectors of the ASEAN society, and making ASEAN more people-centred, should be the core of ASEAN's community building efforts.  In her short presentation, the Chair and Coordinator of APA, Professor Carolina Hernandez summarized the aspirations expressed during the APA, calling on the ASEAN leaders to address more effectively the concerns of the ASEAN peoples, and to give priority to the adoption of an ASEAN Charter that would give due considerations to human development and human security. 

To read the Report of the APA to the 12th ASEAN Summit, please seehttp://www.siiaonline.org/report_of_the_chair_of_the_fifth_asean_peoples_assembly_to_the_12th_asean_summit

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