Super-premier ruling behind the scene?

Updated On: Apr 14, 2006

The Nation editor, Suthichai Yoon, has concluded that Thaksin “has only stepped aside, not down. He may be retreating to the political sidelines, but he is not out of the game.” Many political watchers believe that the present conciliation masks a strategy to make a comeback to power –not as prime minister, as he has already declared not to accepted a third term in office after the next parliament is convened –but as what Suthichai terms “a super-premier”. This, Suthichai says, is much more ominous as a “super-premier” is not subject to public accountability or constitutional strictures as he runs the country behind-the-scene. The opposition parties and the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) are now revising their initial acceptance of Thaksin’s resignation as they face more political conundrums. They are expected to keep to their bargain in not conducting protest rallies but to participate in future elections. Hence, they are revising their strategy on rooting out “Thaksinomics”. Meanwhile their hopes of nullifying the April 2 polls have been dashed. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has said that the UN cannot investigate election fraud unless invited by Thai government. Unlike Thaksin, Sondhi Limthongkul, Manager Group mogul and leader of the anti-Thaksin movement, conversely is not having it as easy. He has asked the police to stop threatening him and insists his trip to China was not to avoid arrest, claiming his innocence to alleged lese majeste actions. The police however have said that the hundred-odd people who complained that he had insulted the King had grounds. Sources: Sondhi returns from China (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Police to summon Sondhi over lese majeste charges (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Hopes UN will intervene on polling booths fall flat (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Hopes the United Nations would investigate election irregularities during the April 2 poll have been dashed (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Wiping the slate clean in the South (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Forget the tears, Thaksin govt. is alive and kicking (The Nation, 13 April 2006) Sondhi tells police to stop threatening him (Bangkok Post, 13 April 2006)