U.S.-India 'forge more mature relationship'

Updated On: Jun 14, 2012

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said India and the United States were “forging a new and more mature phase” in their relationship when she met with India’s Foreign Minister SM Krishna  yesterday.

The meeting comes as the third annual U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue began in Washington on Wednesday.

In her remarks to the Dialogue Clinton said "Today we are seeing something new: The strategic fundamentals of our relationship are pushing our two countries' interests into closer convergence.”

Krishna followed saying that the “new and unique” relationship has allowed the two countries to take their “cooperation on intelligence sharing, homeland security issues and counter terrorism...to a new level.”

This “new” relationship is being watched closely by Beijing, where some fear the U.S. could be strategically using India to limit China’s rise.

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