Indonesia chides Powers in its support for nuclear energy and Iran

Updated On: Feb 07, 2006

In a continuation from last week’s saga over Indonesia’s advice to the IAEA leaders, Indonesian House of People`s Representatives (DPR) Speaker Agung Laksono said it was not wrong for the country to imitate Iran to develop nuclear energy.

He said he supported the development of nuclear technology so long as it was not for the purpose of developing weapons. He said seeking an alternative energy was a must and even the right of all countries including Indonesia.

In view of that he said it was foolish for a country like the US for example to prevent efforts in the development of nuclear as an alternative energy source. "Do not let big countries prevent other countries from developing nuclear technology just because their interest is disturbed. Nuclear technology is not the monopoly of certain countries but may also be developed by other countries so long as its development is done responsibly with regard to its security," he said.

Agung said he was worried if nuclear development in Iran was hindered as that would lead to a hike in the world oil price."We can imagine what will happen if Iran is facing a crisis. It is not impossible for the world`s oil price to reach US$100 per barrel if that happens. This situation will affect other countries including Indonesia.”

He said efforts by big countries to refer the Iran nuclear case to the United Nations Security Council were groundless. He said the development of nuclear technology was monitored by the international institution concerned. "So there is no reason to prevent it or bring the case to the UN Security Council," he said.

Hassan warned that Iran was already taking a defiant stand on the issue and history had shown that Tehran was capable of maintaining this stance for a long time, citing Iran's taking U.S. diplomats hostage in the 1970s without Washington being unable to do anything.


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