Fight against terror - Indonesia on the right track?

Updated On: Jan 27, 2006

Indonesiahas been on an accelerated program of nabbing terror suspects.

In the past few months, the police have publicly identified 10 suspects linked to the Balibomb attacks. Investigations have resulted in several arrests.

The police operations are significant because some of those arrested are technical functionaries, such as bomb assemblers, digital editor, etc, of terrorist organization. It took almost three months of investigations before the police could determine group members' individual roles and their specific positions in the terrorist hierarchy.

The Indonesian authorities have also scored successes with locating suspects for the Yogyakartabombing.

Other positive developments in the fight against terror in Indonesiais the seemingly much more open and balanced discussion among the Muslim intellectuals and scholars on issue of terrorism and imposition of sharia law. A report in the Jakarta Post “Islamic scholars urge moral movement, not terror” and an Opinion piece “Terrorists ignore God, life to pursue heaven” offered some honest critics about terrorism and called on Muslims not to have too narrow an understanding of religious teachings.


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