Rise of 'Demolition Man II' after Azahari's death?

Updated On: Nov 18, 2005

Jakarta - The "Demolition Man" is dead but his bomb-making skills may still be alive and well in another person. Indonesian police believe that Azahari Husin, who was shot dead on Nov 9, had passed his deadly skills to another instructor. 

      A video seized from Azahari's hideout in Batu, east Java, showed another militant named Tedi giving step-by-step instructions on how to make bombs using TNT, RDX and other explosives. 
      In the video, Tedi was seen demonstrating how to attach the bombs to motorcycles, bicycles and children's radio-controlled toy cars. The video did not show Tedi's face - the camera focused on his hands, showing several men, whose faces were also not shown, how to assemble bombs and make detonators. 
     According to a suspect arrested after the Nov 9 shootout, Tedi eluded capture in Semarang, central Java, just hours before police stormed into Azahari's safe-house. The suspect, Cholily, was acting as Azahari’'s courier and was about to meet Tedi when police ambushed them, said a police spokesman.  
      Mr Djoko Susilo, a lawmaker who saw the hour-long video said it "was eerily detailed". "Our conclusion is that if copies of the video get distributed widely, it will be dangerous. More people will know how to make bombs," he added.
      Another video found at the site showed three men explaining why they carried out the terrorist attacks in Bali in October.   "The video is very dangerous. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could influence impressionable people," said Mr Djoko. 
      In another development, a senior police officer, General I Made Mangku Pastika, said Azahari had trained at least 40 suicide bombers to carry out a series of terror attacks around Christmas time. "We have to always be on alert as these people are ready to die," said Gen Pastika.

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