Law & Order blues: Philippine cops get December ultimatum

Updated On: Aug 23, 2005

Manila – The unit commanders of the Philippine National Police (PNP) have until December to improve the deteriorating climate of peace and order in the country – or their promotion prospects will be affected.  

    At a recent meeting with the PNP's top brass and civilian anti-crime organisations, Interior and Local Government Secretary Angelo Reyes said the police force must first improve its credibility in order to gain the respect of the community and the fear of criminals. 
    There is also a need to go back to the basics to address the public's demand for immediate police action. These include increased police visibility through patrols, intensification of security checkpoints, vigorous implementation of the "no plate, no travel" policy on vehicles, organisation and activation of the neighborhood watch, purging the PNP ranks of misfists and scalawags, particularly those involved in "buildup" and other extortion activities, and the neutralisation of criminal gangs. 
    Mr Reyes warned the unit commanders that they would be responsible for any organised crime, especially kidnapping that occurs in their areas of responsibility. 
    To check on their performance, unit commanders shall be regularly rated and the result shall serve as basis for determining their positions and promotions, he added.

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