Mindanao on alert for female terrorists

Updated On: Aug 16, 2005

Manila – The Jemaah Islamiah (JI), the regional arm of the Al-Qaeda terror network, has recruited women in a campaign to sow terrorism in some parts ofMindanao in south Philippines. Security officials are now reported to be hunting for four suspected female terrorists.

    "The possibility of terrorist cells using women is not very remote these days," abs-cbnNEWS.com quoted Colonel  Eduardo del Rosario, head of Task Force Davao, as saying on Aug 14.  He said intelligence reports indicated that the JI " will be using women members" for their terrorism campaign. 
    Chief Superintendent Antonio Billones, director of the Davao police regional office, also confirmed the intelligence reports. He said the police are tracking the women believed to be in possession of bomb-making materials. 
    He added that the female terrorists are believed to be "anywhere in the northern part of Davao"
    The police and military will now be more vigilant in inspecting women during security checks. "Security checks in public places are more lenient on women than on men," Col del Rosario said.

* Women terrorists in RP hunted (The Manila Times, Aug 15)