Singapore detains JI bomb-maker under ISA

Updated On: Apr 26, 2005

Singapore – A Jemaah Islamiah (JI) member trained in bomb-making and weapons-handling has been detained in Singapore under the Internal Security Act (ISA), bringing the total number of detainees to 36. 

    Jahpar Osman, a 36-year-old Singaporean, has been served with a two-year detention order, the Singapore government said on April 22. 
    Jahpar had been a member of the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organisation since the mid-1990s. He underwent military training in Mindanao in southern Philippinesand was also involved in discussions by the JI to carry out terrorist attacks in Singapore
    The government also said that it had released two ISA detainees, JI members Abdul Majid s/o Niaz Mohamed and Faisel Abdullah Abdat.  
     Abdul Majid is under a "suspension direction", which means he has to comply with some conditions, such as not leaving Singapore without the approval of the Internal Security Department.  
     Faisel has been issued with a two-year restriction order, which limits his activities and movements. He also has to fulfill requirements such as continued religious counselling. 
     The JI arrests started in 2001 after the government unveiled a plot to bomb American-linked targets and key installations. With the latest arrest and releases, 36 people are still under detention, 17 under restriction orders and two have had their detention suspended.

* JI bomb-maker held in S’pore (The Straits Times, April 23)