Singapore steps up vigilance against cyber-terrorism

Updated On: Feb 25, 2005

Singapore- By 2008,Singaporewill have a full-fledged early warning system to battle hackers and cyber-terrorism.

The $38-million National Cyber-Threat Monitoring Centre, the first of its kind inAsia, will monitor computer activities round-the-clock to look for viruses and other threats. Alerts will be sent out if an attack appears imminent.

The monitoring centre, part of the government's infocomm security masterplan, is necessary due to Singapore's heavy reliance on technology, said Deputy Prime Minister Tony Tan on Feb 22.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the nation's infocomm infrastructure has become the nerve system of our economy. As such, infocomm security is as important in protectingSingaporeas is physical security at our borders,” he said.

The centre will network with anti-virus software firms and other governments, such as theUnited StatesandAustralia, running similar centres.

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