Typhoon Talas hits Japan, dozens missing

Updated On: Sep 06, 2011

Japanese rescue teams continue to search for victims of Typhoon Talas, which struck western and central Japan on Sunday stranding thousands and triggering floods.

Talas is Japan's most destructive typhoon since 2004. In the worst hit prefecture of Wakayama, 26 rural communities have been left isolated by landslides.

Helicopters and rescue teams reached cut of communities on Tuesday, as emergency services mobilised to clear roads so they could distribute food, medicine and other supplies.

By the afternoon, Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 37 deaths had been confirmed and 54 people were still missing. Japanese media reported at least 39 people had died.

Although the path of the typhoon did not take it over Japan's tsunami devestated north east coast, heavy rain continues to affect the north east island of Hokkaido prompting evacuation advisories for hundreds of households.

As of Tuesday afternoon, full extent of the damage was not yet apparant, as dozens of hamlets in central Japan remained cut off.

Due to the slow speed of the storm, Japan's weather agency warned that heavy rain and strong winds were set to continue. With the ground already saturated, landslide warnings have been issued for all of Japan's major prefectures.

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