Mulyani supporters face setback in campaign fight

Updated On: Aug 06, 2011

The Independent People’s Union, identified by the letters SRI, is facing an uphill battle to nominate Sri Mulyani Indrawati as a candidate in Indonesia’s next Presidential campaign.

Mulyani’s supporters faced a setback when the Constitutional Court ruled that the group must abide by the 2011 Political Parties Law, which requires all parties to have representatives in at least 75 percent of the country’s municipalities and 50 percent of districts in all 33 provinces.  

The party has until 22 Aug to meet all of the requirements after registering at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, as parties must receive verification at least two and a half years before the next election is held.

Supporters of Sri Mulyani have rallied to try and establish a political party to nominate the former finance minister to contest the 2014 presidential election.

SRI Chairman Damianus Taufan expressed his disappointment with the ruling, as “[Indonesia] is a democratic country, but the regulation to form a party makes the process difficult and expensive,” he said.

Regardless, the Chairman stated that he believes that SRI will be able to fulfill all of the requirements on time.

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The ruling Democratic Party downplayed Sri Mulyani’s chances in the next election, saying that while she is known and respected among economists and scholars, she is a relatively unknown quantity amongst the general public.

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