Shanmugam proposes Asia-Europe nuclear seminar

Updated On: Jun 09, 2011

Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam has proposed that Singapore host a international seminar on nuclear safety next year.

He was speaking at the main session of the 10th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) of foreign ministers, held in the central Hungarian town of Gödöllo, near Budapest on Tuesday.

He said in the wake of the Japanese incident, there needs to be more cooperation between Asian and European countries. A new ASEM seminar in Singapore could provide a platform for practitioners and policy-makers to share expertise on nuclear power.

The idea was well received, but there is not yet any word of ASEM officially moving forward on the proposal.

Report: Shanmugam proposes Singapore host nuclear safety seminar [Channel NewsAsia, 7 June 2011]

Report: S'pore Set To Host Nuclear Safety Meet [Straits Times, 8 June 2011]

The meeting focused on non-traditional security challenges faced by both Asia and Europe, including problems like climate change, nuclear safety, as well as food, energy and water shortages. Countries agreed on the need for common responses to these transnational issues.

Report: Asia, Europe to work closer to deal with non-traditional challenges [Xinhua, 8 June 2011]

"We are all interdependent on each other, but the impacts of the financial crises and natural and man-made disasters in Japan don't stop at borders," said Hungarian Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi, one of the session's chairs.

A total of 46 countries attended the ASEM session, 27 from Europe and 19 from Asia. Together, ASEM represents over half the global population and more than half the world's gross domestic product.

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