No ceasefire in Libya, NATO members meet in Berlin to discuss further action

Updated On: Apr 14, 2011

No ceasefire has yet been achieved in Libya. This is in spite of the African Union’s attempts to mediate a ceasefire and NATO’s attempts to weaken Qaddafi’s ground forces.

Interactive: timeline and map of Libyan crisis to date [BBC]

NATO foreign ministers will meet today in Berlin, amid disagreements over whether to intensify air strikes in Libya in order to prevent a stalemate on the ground level. Britain and France are pressing their partners to contribute more combat jets to protect the population from Muammar Gaddafi's forces. NATO has also come under criticism from rebels urging the Western alliance to drop more bombs on Gaddafi's tanks and artillery.

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According to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who will be present at the Berlin talks, the coalition was committed to enforcing UNSC Resolution 1973 and stopping all attacks on civilians under NATO’s command.

Background: full text of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya [The Guardian, 17 Mar 2011]

The NATO meeting follows intense efforts on the diplomatic front, after the African Union failed to broker a ceasefire earlier this week. Although Qaddafi had accepted the Union’s guidelines for ceasefire, Libyan rebels rejected any ceasefire that would not immediately strip Qaddafi and his family of all power.

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